Extreme Budget Tip: Spray Conditioning Treatment

 Spray bottle for conditioning treatment

Flickr Photo Credit: Horrible Cherry

I found this idea at http://www.stretcher.com . We’ve been using it on our around the world trip and it works great!

First, you need an empty spray / misting bottle. You can reuse an empty one from another product, but I went ahead and purchased an extra small one because I was doing everything possible to conserve backpack room. Next, you need just a small squirt of generic conditioner in the bottom of the bottle. Fill the rest with water, seal and shake well. Spray on your hair after you partially towel dry and leave in.

You will definitely need to experiment with just how little conditioner you actually need. I put in what I thought was a small amount and ended up with extremely greasy hair the first couple of times I tried it. After I knew what worked for my hair type, I never looked back. You can go several months with just the spraybottle and a small resealable container full of conditioner. Just re-mix a new batch when you run out. If you get a great deal on the el-cheapo stuff with a coupon, you can conceivably go well over a year on just pennies for the cost of conditioning your hair.