My House Is a Shipping Container and Other Odd Statements

 Shipping container house.

Flickr Photo Credit: Rolu Dsgn

A bit out there? Perhaps. But people are doing it, and as alternative housing goes, this idea can be quite cheap.

Here’s one article  about a gentleman who used shipping containers to create a portable alternative housing situation to suit his global nomad lifestyle. You’ll find a diagram of the finished product as well as a picture of what his home looked like when the containers got dropped off. He also addresses utility issues that would be of concern.

Another link on the shipping container home idea has images of various plans with a more modern theme. Check out the one with the indoor swimming pool and high ceilings created by stacking more than one level of containers together. Interesting.

Still wanting more shipping container information for your research? Here are some other links I found.

  • Steel container architecture - This article addresses how these containers can be used in creative ways by architectural professionals.
  • These ones look a bit trailerish. However, if you don’t mind that look, this is a quick instant home option to have delivered anywhere in the world.
  • The Shipping Container Housing Guide is a site that was put together by a group of people searching for alternative housing information on this subject.

Hopefully, more information will become available on this topic. Please let us know if you have any great resources.